Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Black Tie Affair?

If you have your own treadmill at home you don’t have to dress as if you’re going to a black tie affair. If fact you don’t even have to dress. The only thing you have to wear is a good pair of walking or running shoes. It is permissible to wear anything that is safe and comfortable. Of course that is your responsibility.

If you do have you own treadmill, you may have it already setup so that you can watch television while you are using it. I’m sure you have thought that you could figure out some way to set your computer up, so you could use it while you’re on the treadmill. You know email, message, surf or stuff like that. If you’re into computers, you’re most likely have all the stuff you need to use the computer while walking on the treadmill.

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You don’t have to get dressed to be on the ComputerDeskOverTreadmill.

Many people enjoy walking outside in the great outdoors. That’s fine and dandy if you live in a neighborhood with lots of outdoors. But who wants to get dressed in the morning just to exercise. Why not just exercise with the clothes that you have on when you get up in the morning, and then after you are done exercising on the ComputerDeskOverTreadmill., then you can take a shower. It’s much easier and much more convenient to do it that order. And better yet, it’s just simply better to get on the ComputerDeskOverTreadmill. in whatever you’re dressed (or not) in.

Think about it. You’re being entertained and doing the thing that excites or interests you, while being productive working on the computer and getting fit. If you’re outside you just do one thing, walk and looking at the great outdoors. Are you being as productive with your time as you could be? Your time is very important, while it can be fun just to be outside walking for the sake of exercise if you are into that sort of activity. You are not being productive with all the other things that you need to get done in life.

Many people require an additional motivational factor in order to do this. There exists a need to have something else besides walking and/or running on a treadmill in order to stick with it. Almost everyone loves to be entertained, but nobody wants to be bored with boredom walking on a treadmill looking at a wall (no matter what the color of the wall). Nor do they want to just walk about the same boring block and scenery that they see every day walking.

It’s true there are beautiful hiking trails that are fun to explore. I know I am one of those people. There are hiking trails near where I live in. I remember hiking and exploring when I was a younger. It was very beautiful, but while I was there exploring the hiking trails, I was thinking and looking forward to going home to play a computer game which seemed more exciting to me at that time.

If you had a ComputerDeskOverTreadmill, how much time you would save?