Sunday, November 2, 2008


Side Profile image of Robert walking on the Computer Desk Over Treadmill while checking Facebook which he loves because he hates and loathes exercise, but enjoys surfing the web, and walking on the treadmill which he doesn't even know he is doing while multitasking.

Not Exercising, I Hate Exercise, I am Multitasking

Far away image of Robert walking on the Computer Desk Over Treadmill while checking Facebook which he loves because he hates and loathes exercise, but enjoys surfing the web, and loves doing both of them at the same time.

Robert's Big Feet Walking on the Moving Pavement

This is Robert's Feet walking on the Computer Desk Over Treadmill. You can see that the C DOT short for Computer Desk Over Treadmill rests securely on the floor over the treadmill.

C DOT Desk Setup Overview

This is a high angle shot of the C DOT Desk. Note that the LCD Screen rests on another shelf. You can if you want a setup similar to this, just simply find a mount to attach the LCD Screen to the Wall. The Computer box to the right rests on an IKEA bookcase.

Old Monitor Setup

This is the old setup before Robert replaced this monitor with the LCD. Robert replaced because he could barely read the text on the screen. He however only used it for a few days.

Old TV, VCR, and DVD Setup

This is the old TV, VCR, and DVD Setup that Robert has gotten rid up and replaced with the Computer Desk over Treadmill C DOT. He watch movies on it, but rarely would be on the treadmill for hours like he does while multitasking now with the C DOT.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Making Plans

If you enjoy looking at TV, watching movies, or doing things with the computers; this plan can cause you to loose weight or eat more without gaining weight.

What is your plan? Loose or Gain? Watch for the plan at .
If you can't wait contact me.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pay Attention

Success is a Determined Effort

If you're like most people, the only thing you know about the economy is what you're being told by someone (the news media or some economist who tells the news media) who is standing back and looking at the economy as a whole. They're viewing the economy as one views the ocean, beach or forest and its effect on the environment. It's as if they're compelling you to join them and look through their media window. They're not looking at each individual drop of water in the ocean, each individual grain of sand on the beach, or each individual tree in the forest.

Regardless of what the media claims or reports about the state of the economy yesterday, today, or tomorrow, it's easy to believe that the end is near. Don't lose sight of the fact that most, if not all, media thrives on bad news because that's what's what they think makes good copy. Good copy is what sells their product the news.

Think of it this way, people looking for bad news see the advertisement that pays for the media to tell them the bad news and they are tempted to buy because of the bad news which enticed them to look at the advertisement.

Accordingly, if you're tempted to use this type of tidings to rationalize about the state of your business, don't lose sight of the fact that your business, when compared to the economy as a whole, is as one drop of water in the ocean. Your success or failure is determined by your efforts and not by what the economy is doing. It doesn't even matter what the guy down the street is doing. It's you and what you are doing that make the difference between your profit and your loss.
You are doing something aren't you?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Business Vs Consumer Buying

The difference between the consumer and the business buyer is that the business buyer has to buy. The consumer may buy if he or she comes across something he or she wants to acquire. It may appear that the consumer is always buying but only if they are so inclined. Other than the necessities of life, consumer doesn't have to buy. The business buyer is always looking for something that the business has to buy. With the business buyers everything they buy is a necessity, while with the consumer, only some of the things they buy are necessities.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We can make you look good

We can make you look good.

We can even make ugly feet (website) look good, so your feet don't look as bad as Cinderella's stepsisters.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Internet Presence

Photography Research Institute Carson Endowment
Currently under going reconstruction at

About the Photography Research Institute Carson Endowment website; familial relationships allowed me to assist Photography Research Institute Carson Endowment communicate to professional photographers of the world. Prior to the website, Photography Research Institute Carson Endowment publications were advertised and sold by direct mail. My design and plan of the Internet presence successfully replaced that direct mail effort.
I worked on this for eight years and honed my ability to accomplish all of Photography Research Institute Carson Endowment goals for the website. I really enjoyed challenge and now I feel that I must help others to achieve the same goals. Photography Research Institute Carson Endowment goals for now and for the future will be met by Robert Perrett Website and Graphic Development.
I attended the Los Angeles Unified School District's Independent Study School (home schooling), City of Angeles School from fifth grade through twelfth (June 2001 - received high school diploma from City of Angeles School).
During my sophomore year (1999) I proposed and was subsequently awarded a design and development project to post a City of Angeles School website on the LAUSD net. It was a beautifully designed complex HTML site. Meaning it had a lot of links to a lot of pages and I had a password with which I use to post it to the Internet. I authored many pages based upon my understanding and what I expected of the school. I heard no negative comments for the year that I was interested in the project. About a year after I put it up I received word that some of the info on the site didn't concur with what was in something called a Blue Book. I aspired to fix the deviations and requested access to the "Blue Book". I was informed that was not possible.
The Photography Research Institute Carson Endowment project became available around that time. That started out as a HTML site and progressed to Front Page 2000. I am now doing it with the current edition of Dreamweaver.
To summarize, I have experience in website design and development and I received my BFA May 2008 from California State University Fullerton (CSUF).

Strategic Web Design

History is replete with stories of Advertising Design and its requirements for exquisiteness of design and production to be successful. But then again there are stories about plain or crude production values which persuaded just as successfully as the exquisite presentations. It just didn't seem to make any difference just a long as the idea or concept of what was presented was done in a strategic and persuasive way.
Persuasive web design encompass the entire spectrum of communicating ideas. The strategy starts at a website or page and ends when an adequate number embraces the content.
It is possible produce individual elements to put together a Internet presence. But it is not practical as it is possible to put or fabricate an attractive sight and have it fail financially because not enough effort was expended to motivate viewers. Strategic web design required a complete and well thought strategy.
Although, it is true that while we specialize in Graphic Web Design, we also have done 3D work in Maya (where we Modeled and Textured a scarecrow), as well as specialization in the Digital and Traditional Illustrations. We also have associated Graphic Design with Live Action Videos for Film Production classifications. We learned that these projects embraced the strategic goals. We choose to incorporate interests in Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, and Live Action Production and Post Production for linkage in strategic and persuasive web sites.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Another Portrait

This is another portrait that I have done. I used really cool colors. I pick colors to match the person's mood and personality.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Paint in Progress

I got another piece that I did over the summer. It too like the previous portraiture was drawn and painted in Corel Painter 9. It is a digital painting that is in progress.

Portraiture Work

I did some portraiture work over the summer using Corel Painter 9. I'll start posting it up on my blog. It took a long time getting each person's face right along with the color. I took pictures in Don's class as photo reference. This is one from a 3/4 angle which was really hard, but I kept at it, and voila here it is.