Thursday, June 25, 2009


I procrastinated on Sunday exercising on my treadmill, which I avoided to do because what was on the internet fascinated me. I say I would it do later, I'm siting in my office chair, and I would push it back later, just trying to avoid it, then it got to be so late, that I ended up not doing it.

Then one day, I decide to combine, the two, I moved the computer in front my treadmill, and made a desk so that my keyboard and mouse could be on top if it and span across the treadmill.

Now I can walk on the treadmill, and do my favorite hobby all at the time.

Which would you rather do? Surf or Walk if you have a choice between the two.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Exercise takes time away from things that I would prefer to do

Exercise takes time away from things that I would prefer to do, a list of these things that I prefer to do are,

1. Research sites, I found Google Reader terrific because I can keep up with my favorite blogs.
2. Watch a movie, an example would be one rented from a local video store, or the local library.
3. Play a Computer Game, that is one of the most fun activities that one can do.
4. I love checking my e-mail, seeing who has most recently e-mailed me back.

The least enjoyable is to exercise.

Walking is better than doing nothing, and doing nothing is worse than sitting.